The Wu Shu academy was established in the mid 90’s approximately 20 years after Sifu Kamran’s first introduction to Kung Fu. Sifu Kamran has been a dedicated martial artist and athlete since the age nine. His philosophy towards Wu Shu is to strive for excellence which emanates amongst his disciplines and thus can be seen through the entire Wu Shu Academy.

Sifu Kamran was born of Persian decent and fortunately for him Iran has, for centuries, had close ties with China who introduced Wu Shu to Persians over 1000 years ago. By the time Sifu Kamran was 12 his quick-witted character and interest in Kung Fu had won himself a place under the top Instructor named ‘Dadashi’ who was a disciple of ‘Ibrahim Mirzaii’s’. Mirzaii is the founder of Kung Fu To’a and is considered one of Iran’s most renowned Wu Shu Grand Masters with over 300,000 followers around the globe.

Sifu Kamran has always been continuously active in the martial arts world ever since – devoting his life to ‘Wu Shu -Northern and Southern Fist’ which is an authentic Kung Fu style with internal and external benefits. External benefits include the hands, eyes, body and stances. Internal training include the heart, spirit, mind, breathing and strength. Shortly after Sifu Kamran’s arrival to Sydney in 1984 he continued his training with several Wu Shu masters in Australia with a combination of Northern and Southern styles. He also refined his tai chi and Qi Gong techniques by studying under other renowned masters in China.

Sifu Kamran is also skilled in the use of many traditional Chinese weapons and offers private tuition in weapons training as well as other external and internal Wushu forms. Sifu Kamran has all new students train in Chang Chuan (long fist) for the first few years, one of the more popular external Wu Shu styles, in order to develop flexibility and strength before advancing to weapons and internal styles including Xing Yi, which is one the most famous internal Kung Fu styles.

Sifu Kamran is known for his emphasis on accuracy , coordination, fluency, speed, timing and balance in all of his Wushu teachings and its fighting applications. He creates an explosive power with little effort and holistically demonstrates how the techniques of Wu-Shu forms are used for self defence and fighting. Sifu Kamran trains and meditates extensively on a daily basis.