One-on-One Private Classes

Most of Sifu Kamran’s Instructors are available to conduct private classes.

One-on-One Wushu classes are specifically planned for individual goals and needs such as:

  • Speed up your learning and understanding of Wu Shu, it’s foundation and philosophies
  • A totally instructed workout with a focus on your individual ability to learn
  • To provide extra guidance and challenge to further develop your techniques and forms
  • To assess progress and set and monitor physical goals
  • Flexible scheduling in case you are struggling to attend regular classes
  • Students with significant physical problems making it difficult to attend group classes.

One-on-One private classes can be booked at flexible times at our Rozelle Academy.
One-on-one sessions are currently $80 per hour and may be shared with a friend.
(Additional fee may apply to off-site sessions. 24 hour cancellation policy applies.)


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