We endeavour to teach authentic Chinese martial arts they way they are taught in China. Kung Fu classes are ongoing throughout the year and anyone can start at any time.


In each class the head instructor has other assistant instructors to help supervise the class to allow students maximum attention.  Students are trained rigorously through basic exercises to improve fitness, increase speed, flexibility, strength and stamina. Next, students proceed through more complex movements to improve Kung Fu dynamism, agility and power. A typical class normally starts with 20-30 minutes of continuous warm up, conditioning exercises followed by stretching.  Later punching and kicking combinations are learned and practiced with a partner.  Students are then taught empty handed and/or weapon forms, learning advanced self-defence technique combinations.

  • Techniques


  • Core Muscles

    Core Muscles

  • 3 section staff

    3 section staff

  • Attack – Defend

    Attack – Defend

  • Abdominal


  • Airborne Kick

    Airborne Kick

  • Authentic Forms

    Authentic Forms

  • Flexibility


  • Cordination


  • Balance


  • Free Sparing

    Free Sparing

  • Staff


  • Broard Sword

    Broard Sword

  • Weapon Strategies

    Weapon Strategies

  • Side Abs

    Side Abs

  • Flowless Form

    Flowless Form

  • Jumping pushups

    Jumping pushups

  • Streching


  • Knockle Pushup

    Knockle Pushup

  • Squat


  • Warm Ups

    Warm Ups

  • Strength Workout

    Strength Workout

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Classes include a combination of ‘Northern and Southern Fist’ authentic Kung Fu with internal and external benefits. Internal style classes can include ‘Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Ba Gua’, where external style includes equal emphasis on developing upper and lower body techniques.

Students soon begin to see traditional forms taught at Wu Shu Academy are rich resources of defence and attack strategies.  During early stages of our attack-defend workouts students begin to develop the ability to defend themselves effectively from physical aggression. Students soon begin to learn to practice and apply techniques at high speed and in due course if desired students can have one on one free sparring.

Those who join will find their flexibility improving rapidly, especially leg and hip flexibility. Furthermore top level Wushuists are extremely physically fit, having built on a solid foundation of core muscles and legwork. Wushu also focuses a lot on balance and coordination. Each movement, whether a punch or a kick usually involves the entire body, and not just a specific arm or leg. Through discipline and hard work students soon advance to find themselves working towards achieving such moves as no-handed cartwheels and 720-degree airborne spinning kicks.

Whether you are looking for a mightier program through Wushu, or a softer experience through Tai Chi, we have classes to suit all ages and fitness levels.  Students who do both will discover that both are two sides of the same coin. All in all, Wushu helps with posture and with displaying martial spirit and intent. In short, kick ass and look good doing it!

All that said the best way to find out more is to come for your first free of charge lesson!