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Enjoy your Yoga session at one of the most mystical studios in Sydney.




Wu Shu Academy is fully equipped to cater for your ‘Boxing’ needs.



Personal Training

PT’s are welcome to hire our academy and use its facilities  to train their clients.




Use our beautiful sun light filled studio with its thick and soft carpet for your Pilates classes.



We Are Fully Equipped!

  • Complete Boxing and Personal Training Equipments

  • Soft, Thick Carpet For All Your Pilates and Yoga Sessions

  • Surround Sound System

  • Interior Change rooms

  • Natural Sun-Filled Lightning

  • Kitchen With Fridge & Microwave

  • Many Wu Shu Weaponry To Practice With

Prime Location

Our Academy is Located 5 Minutes Drive From Sydney CBD, Across The Road From ‘About Life’ Organic Restaurant / Supermarket, And in Center Of All Amenities Rozelle and Balmain Have to Offer.



What Our Members Say!

  • Sifu Kamran Zolfonoon is a true teacher and master. If you truly wish to achieve the highest level of external and/or internal Kung Fu then this is the place.  Read more..  
    Alistair Gilbert – Director / Powercast
  • "It is difficult to describe but essentially Wu Shu teaches you self defence, flexibility, mobility, fitness, strength... All if these things, however on a deeper level, with time, it instills something within yourself that wasn't there before. Some say inner strength, some say a sense of self-worth or purpose, either way it is something special that can ultimately be used for good."        Read more..
    Anton lock
  • "The attention to detail, absolute care and the purity of the method of teaching of the trainers is unparalleled; they always cater for all abilities, and have seemingly limitless patience for those like myself who sometimes repeatedly struggle with some of the challenging techniques. I’ve always felt welcome and cared for in many ways. In summary: Wu-Shu academy at Rozelle provides a holistically empowering life-changing experience, better than anything else you could imagine!"  Read more..
    George Papadopoulos – PhD student and lecturer.
  • "I can truly say this is one of the best schools I’ve trained at. The attention to the basic is impressive. Making sure that you learn everything correctly and keep on improving on them. The classes are a lot of fun, enjoyable and designed to build up your fitness fast. Classes cater for all fitness levels. Truly a great school." Read more..
    Shunt Boghossian – Director / Heaven’s Hell Industries
  • "At first it was the authentic Wu-Shu that attracted me to School. The more I trained the more Sifu Kamran would show me the fighting applications of Wu-Shu and I was astounded at his ability. Never before had I seen someone who could create so much power with such little effort and who could show me how the techniques of Wu-Shu forms are used for self defence and fighting...and I feel very lucky that I have a genuine master to learn from. Sifu Kamrans skill and experience is of a level that I have never seen before." Read more..    
    Rad Burmeister – Unity Gym – Owner / Trainer
  • "Since commencing Wushu, and under my highly skilled teacher, Sifu Kamran, I have learnt skills to assist me in all areas of my life.The kung fu journey is a lifelong one but I am eternally grateful for Sifu’s invested time to teach me and other students for all of these learnings, as they will continue to influence and improve my life forever!"      Read More..
    Helen F., Psychologist
  • "The Wu-Shu Academy became my home away from home over 15 years ago. Being here teaches me how to separate my work life from my personal life. This school is special, it encourages its students to strive for excellence and inner peace. Membership fees are modest and there are no extra expenses involved. The instructors are highly skilled, they share knowledge and experience with students regardless of skill level."   Read more..  
    DJ Kavi-R

Hire Our Academy

For $55.00 / Hour

Condition Your Mind & Body At This Magical Place.  Our Academy is Approximately 180m², Equipped With Thick Quality Carpet & Natural Timber Flooring. It Has Surround Sound System, Private Change-Rooms / Restrooms & Includes a Kitchen With Fridge & Microwave That Can Be Used By Trainers & Students.

Floor to Ceiling Ball & Stretching bars


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Soft / Thick Carpet For All Your Training