There are numerous benefits to practicing Kung Fu. Practitioners both young & old can experience physical, emotional. mental, social & spiritual benefits of the lifelong art. That is when people age naturally they lose strength & flexibility but Wu Shu practitioners stay strong & flexible into their old ages.

Improves fitness, stamina, sharpens, wareness, increases coordination, speed, flexibility and strength, tones and builds muscles.
Wu Shu is the harmonious blending of mind, body and spirit, combining exercise with relaxation, that is beneficial for all ages, men and women. Practicing Wu Shu not only enables you to protect yourself, it also improves fitness, stamina, sharpens awareness, increases coordination, concentration, speed, flexibility and strength, tones and builds muscles. You will grow in confidence, courage, power & self-assurance, while learning to remain calm & relax.
As students begin to progress in their traditional forms and overall Wu Shu training they begin to feel something that was not there before, that is the Kung Fu spirit or ‘Shen’.   The definition of spirituality is uniquely individual because different spiritual practices work for different people. Though the process of Spirit cultivation is dynamic and ever changing.
You will grow in confidence, courage, power and self-assurance, while learning to remain calm and relax.
Students begin to feel something that was not there before, that is the Kung Fu spirit or ‘Shen’.
Most spiritual practices call for mindful living, intentionally based on right thinking and right action.  Wushu training, its philosophy of circular energy transfer and emphasis on developing self-discipline and self-respect also helps to rejuvenate your spirit.
By capturing the essence of Kung Fu, to master and perfect each stance, students are empowered with skills which they learn to apply in every aspect of their lives.  In this process we are nourishing the spirit; we cultivate truth, authenticity and compassion for ourselves and others in our daily lives, the result of which is energetic balance and mental clarity.
Students soon begin to see traditional forms taught at Wu Shu Academy are rich resources of defense and attack strategies.